Instructional Design in Online Learning

This is my 4th week in the course Instructional Design in Online Learning with Lamar University. We have learned how to build an entire course online using the Schoology platform. This has been a unique process as we have had the opportunity to transform lessons or units from a face to face instructional method to a virtual learning environment. I have enjoyed reflecting on how best to create environments that are conducive to learning regardless if there is a physical space.

For this week’s reflection, we were encouraged to consider what other courses at our campuses would transform well into an online delivery method. Our school has a social-emotional program in which students are able to take social skills classes and learn restorative practices to help attain vital conflict resolution and self-awareness skills. Where I believe social-emotional programs are well accepted face to face, I do believe it would be beneficial to also offer social skills classes online so that parents could reinforce these lessons at home. Many of our students who struggle with behavior in school also struggle with behavior at home, therefore it could be a game-changer if students are able to practice what they learn at school at home as well. It helps create a stable, predictable environment for the student and gives them the opportunity to learn with other classmates after hours if they have access to online SEL programs. It would not only help students develop better relationships when they are together in the classroom, but this would elevate their 21st century skills needed to respectfully interact with others online.

The other course I believe we could transform at our school is simply turning a math lesson into an at home PBL project. Students could keep track of their project by filming each step in the process, interacting with their classmates via discussion boards, or ePortfolios. If they live in the same city but do not go to the same school, there could be an option for “play/learn dates” where students could meet up and do part of these projects together. They would be connected online and in person. I would like to create an online lesson related to area, perimeter, sustainability, and renewable resources in which students would apply what they learned online and build a sustainable home for a pet or a mini replica of what they hope to build for their own families one day. This would help learners gain 21st century and life skills while learning area and perimeter.

I have truly enjoyed what I’ve learned in this course, and look forward to transforming more of my lessons into online courses. I’m excited to think that this has given me the opportunity to connect with more students from all around the world. The possibility to create a bigger impact beyond the walls of the classroom gives me hope that a teaching career has room to grow.