This week I have been working on developing my online course in the Schoology LMS platform. I took a UbD unit I had planned to use in a blended environment, and tweaked it to fit completely in an online format. It took quite a bit of thought and clarification, but I believe it is coming along well. Below I am posting a detailed outline of the course modules.

Unit Outline: Developing a Growth Mindset Through Literacy

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

  • Video Resources
  • Resources: 
    • Complete your novel you selected in Module 2 and begin reflecting on its overall theme and message.  This will prepare you for your final assignment in Module 5.
  • Discussion:
    • Begin brainstorming with your classmates the importance of understanding cause and effect. Use the following questions as a guide in your thinking: Can you see the relationship between cause and effect and learning from mistakes? Why is it important to learn from mistakes?  Do you believe mistakes are a path to growth? With your understanding of cause and effect in relationships, do you believe our words always reflect our actions? We are social and emotional beings that thrive on connection. How does your self-selected novel help construct your meaning of reality?
  • Assignment:
    • Write a well-developed response to these questions in preparation for your final assignment due in Module 5. 
      • How is language used to manipulate or spark feelings within us?  How do authors or storytellers use language to impact or persuade (convince) their audience?  Think of your favorite movies or books. How did the creator hook and maintain your attention?  
      • Consider what influences a person to create.  How do our personal experiences (home life, school life, failures, successes, self-esteem) shape our view of others, and our ability to share our big ideas with one another?
      • Reflect back on Module 1 in which you imagined having 3 minutes to share something you were passionate about with the world.  How has your message developed since then?
      • Post your reflection on your ePortfolio and upload the link to the Schoology page.
      • Comment on at least 2 classmates’ reflections with growth minded feedback.

Module 5

  • Video Resources
  • Resources
  • Discussion:
    • Discuss with your classmates using the following questions as a guide: How does media shape our view of the world around us?  How can we use our ePortfolios or Blogs to shape the world we wish to see? How and why do you think elementary students can be leaders?  How specifically can they impact their world? How can YOU become a force of change in a world full of setbacks and difficult people?  
  • Assignment:
    • Using your selected novel from module 2, create a book trailer persuading your classmates to read your book next.  What is the overall theme and message of this book? Do not summarize the story in your video with lots of information, but capture its message and hook your audience with compelling graphics, music, and connection.  Consider your audience and capture their hearts with your message.  
    • Analyze the elements in the video resources and tutorials provided to determine what best reflects your style and the message of your book.  
    • You are welcome to use a digital platform not listed above.  Submit a request for approval to your instructor no later than the first day of the week this assignment is due.  
    • Utilize how-to videos and apps to help fine tune the details, share your work with your classmates in the discussion boards to get feedback PRIOR to submitting this final project.  
    • Post your book trailer to youtube, embed that link within your ePortfolio with a short reflection of your experience with this project, and post this ePortfolio link to our Schoology class page.
    • Visit 2 classmates ePortfolio links and comment with growth minded feedback.