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Hello, and welcome to my page!

My name is AnnaLeigh Herrin.  I am a trauma informed charter school teacher for the University of Texas in Austin, TX.  Our school partners with a shelter on site that serves a population that is escaping domestic violence and sexual abuse. I currently teach all subjects for grades 3rd-5th all within the same classroom. Students will rotate in and out of my class all throughout the year, so my classroom roster is never the same between the start of school in August to the end in May. Professionally, my goal is to continue spreading the importance of implementing social and emotional curriculum within all schools across the globe. In July of 2018, I completed Practice Yoga Austin’s 200RYT Yoga Teacher Training program. To further pursue my goal in teaching others the importance of personalizing the learning environment through meditation, social emotional learning, and project-based learning PBL, I enrolled in a graduate program that supported my future endeavors. I am proud to announce that I have recently completed the coursework for a Masters of Education in Digital Learning and Leading from Lamar University.

As a teacher, it brings me great joy to know that I am able to help my students discover their purpose and develop their stories.  I hope that my love for learning, curiosity, and desire to implement innovative change within our education system will inspire my students as well as my readers.

On a personal note, my husband, Travis, and I live and work in the hustle and bustle of Austin, TX.  We enjoy recording music, practicing yoga, and going on adventures that include hiking, kayaking, and scouting out the best taco joints.  When we are not exploring the hill country, we enjoy escaping to the mountains every chance we get.

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